logo ICWANovember 2014. Scampia becomes a storytelling’s workshop. A place where the stories fly, from near and far away, to be told. A reading’s marathon, together with visual arts, music and dance.
The Italian Children’s Writers Association (ICWA) organizes in Scampia a moment of readings accompanied by other forms of art. The goal is to create a big festival around the books’ world. The Association’s goal is to establishes a constant and continuous link between kids and writers. This moment of joy is therefore an incipit, the beginning of a new story, that writers and kids will write together in the coming years, promoting Scampia as a place that can produces culture and happiness. The ICWA’ s writers will offer their own contribution as storytellers, but also as listeners. Because a good writer is always ready to listen, and Scampia is full of stories waiting to be told. It will be a moment of exchange, to savour the pleasure to be together creating culture. And there will be music, colors, dance because it will be also a big festival.
Many reading’s marathon have been organized, but this one is different because it will not exhaust his strength in a single moment, but will be a sustained commitment over time. The Association, represented by one of its writer, a different one every time, will return to Scampia twice a year. Also, a dedicated online space will help to maintain a continuous contact between authors and kids, creating a network of exchanges, so that ideas and stories will continue to grow. Because Scampia’s creative energy asks to be promoted, constantly, to the benefit of us all.
The hope is that a new springtime of culture can begin from the most difficult world’s areas. For this reason, during the reading’s marathon, Scampia will be twinned with others towns in the world. Because we want to listen also the stories from the kids from the
favelas of Rio, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, India
See you in Scampia
Partner of “Scampia Storytelling” is the National Literary Contest “Lingua Madre” (Mother Tongue) which has its headquarters in Turin. The National Literary Contest MOTHER TONGUE is a testimony of the richness and expressive power of the women from “other” countries, and for this bearers of “other” identity.

. TELETHON Foundation
. Ong PARA TI (Brasil)
. Colegio MI TOBOGAN (Colombia)
. Fundation ECUADOR TIERRA VIVA (Ecuador)
. Projecto A SOñAR APRENDí LEYENDO (Perù)
. Literary magazine IL PEPEVERDE (Italy)

….and many others you can know here–> partners



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